Art School Fellaship Terms & Conditions

The Art School Fellaship is a fundraising effort in support of the Georgian Legion by the artist, George Cochrane, and JSLINT Media, with assistance from Ukraine Aid Ops. This fundraiser is scheduled to end when all 100 drawings have been spoken for, unless ended sooner by any of the 3 primary figures - George Cochrane, JSLINT Media, or Ukraine Aid Ops. All donated funds and personal payment data will be held solely by Ukraine Aid Ops, strictly adhering to regulations set forth for all U.S. registered public charities with 501(c)(3) status. Only information necessary to fulfill the order post-donation is shared with this store and with the artist. The Ukraine Aid Ops privacy policy can be found here. Legion of Fellas LLC is acting in the capacity of secondary host for the donation page (Donation Page found here) and in full support of the campaign's success in reaching its goal. Our privacy policy can be found here. Please refer to this website's Terms of Service, particularly section 7 and section 8 of Legion of Fellas Terms of Service regarding Optional Tools and Third Party Links.

Because this campaign involves transiting through an active war zone with the artist's finished work:

  1. Your fella will be based on the one you submit. Make sure it is the one you want drawn.
  2. No fella artwork will be redrawn unless there is a substantial error on the part of George Cochrane.
  3. All shipments to the final destination are insured for $100 USD as standard. For additional insurance, please indicate that you desire to purchase it, and if available (dependent on your location), rates for the additional insurance may be sent to your e-mail address on file with Ukraine Aid Ops. Additional insurance, if needed, will be purchased directly from the assigned courier by the receiving customer. 
  4. All material will be traversing a war zone. Ukraine Aid Ops, Georgian National Legion, George Cochrane, JSLINT Media, and Legion of Fellas are not responsible for any damage to, or loss of, the artwork deemed caused by action in an active war zone. The donating party acknowledges this upon making the donation with the expectation of receiving the artwork in pristine condition. 
  5. Any damage in-transit to the final destination is the responsibility of the customer, as insured.
  6. The Georgian National Legion, Ukraine Aid Ops, and JSLINT media make no promise or guarantee that Commander Mamuka Mamulashvili will be available to participate in this effort when the artwork arrives in Kyiv, Ukraine. In the event of the Commander's unavailability to participate, the drawings and certificates of authenticity will be countersigned by, and photographed with, the Officer next-in-command, in the name of the Georgian National Legion.