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Big Dipper HIMARS (Digital Download)

Big Dipper HIMARS (Digital Download)

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From a favorite fella artist, KY Painter, A fellarization of Van Gogh’s first Starry Night, the constellations are enhanced with some extra lights and some nice fireworks from ammunition dumps and the Kerch bridge. The fella is @HroSe, who has forged more than 700 fellas. This oil on canvas painting was done to honour his work in fundraising for Ukraine.

The original size of this painting is 20" x 26" (50.8 cm x 66 cm). The download is a very high resolution, 300 dpi (dot per inch) JPEG professional photograph of the painting. 

It prints beautifully in the original size, of course, and also in the more standard picture frame sizes of 18" x 24" and a smaller 12" x 16".

Looking for a highly reputable online print shop to bring this art to life? In the Americas, please visit Nations Photo Lab and in Europe, please visit WhiteWall Photo. Both companies ship to customers worldwide.

All digital art sold through Legion of Fellas is the copyrighted work of the artist, and is intended for the purchaser's personal use only.

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